My Love is Deaf, Mute and Blind (2nd version)

October 25, 2004 § Leave a comment

My Love is…

when someone criticized him,
or telling me his faults and wrong attitude.
I’ve often found it difficult to believe,
so I will purposely ignore it.

when he pass by, my heart stops cold,
feeling numb and cannot even
utter a single sound or word.

Whenever I see/finds something wrong
and not good about him..
I still cannot stop my love for him..
I’ve often found my eyes closed,
as if I’m afraid to find out the truth
and not seeing the reality of it all…

… for my love is deaf, mute and blind…


Note: This is the 2nd version of my poem “Love is deaf, mute & blind”. I just modify some of the words here. This poem was loved by my cousins, aunt & friends.

Three of my guy friends even memorized each stanza for each of them, and they called themselves “Deaf”, “Mute” and “Blind” .. from this, you would know already who memorized each of the stanza. They even recite the poem to me once. I was flattered.

Update: Year 2006 – I received a message from one of my aunt (who is one month & one week older than me only), asked for a copy of this poem.

Stormy, Stormy Night

December 5, 2002 § Leave a comment

The rain falls hard,
Down through the streets…
Washin’ our window panes…
Supposed to be a time for celebration
but why’s the heaven’s so angry..?
Thunder bellows…
Lightning streaks…
The heaven’s cryin’
but i dunno why…
What makes them grieve like this
up there from afar..?
Thunder rumbles…
Furiously & continuously…
Lightning strikes
as if they want to hit on something…
I can almost feel its anger,
its grief and its tears…
If I could only do something
to relieve its misery…

*These words struck me when I was about to sleep one night. I’m quite scared of the lightning, so I turn on the light; went to my table, and just wrote all these stuff to subsides my fear and while these words’ still on my head.

Drifting Away

September 21, 2002 § Leave a comment

So happy when they were together,
Til fate pulls them apart…
The love they shared together,
is now fadin’ into the past…
Her eyes that used to twinkle,
is now shedding some crystal tears…
As he drifted away slowly,
to finds someone who’s near…

*These words just popped-out in my mind when I was inside the car, looking at the two sad couple on the street. My father picked me up from work that time.

What Happens Next

September 19, 2002 § Leave a comment

Whatever happens next
I’ll never know…
The feelings I tried to hide
Is yet to show…
Heartbroken & disgust
All wrapped in one…
The love I thought would last
is about to taunt…
From the start, I should have known
I shouldn’t trust
If this one didn’t work
Another one..
Will be left behind
And bites the dust…

*These words just materialized in my mind while I was eating lunch.

I Wanna Sleep..

July 5, 2002 § Leave a comment

I wanna sleep through the haze of light…
I wanna sleep & keep my eyes shut tight…
I wanna shut down all the noise outside…
I wanna shut it til the morning light…

A furry company by my side…
to watch me til the sun rise…
I will go to that place I love…
And control them all with my mind…

I wanna sleep & go to that place
to find adventure & solace…
A place where reality ends…
A place without any demands…

My mind’s hazy,
My breathing is deep,
Dozzing… Drifting…
in the midst of dream…
My body relaxed,
As I slip endlessly
Right into that valley of dreams…

*These words slipped slowly through my mind while I was at the office; feeling very bored and yeah, sleepy.

I Just Know

February 19, 1996 § Leave a comment

I know you may date a lot o’ girls
And y’know sometimes you gotta flirt
Or maybe have another fling or two
But I know y’know our hearts
only belongs to me and you.

It’s what expected on lovers, who’re miles apart
But for me, I still be loyal to you, heart!
If you want to do the consequences above
It’s fine with me, though it hurts, I’ll still trust.

Some may say my love must be blind
And the “faithfulness” I’m cravin’ for was hard to find
There’s only one thing I have to say
Sometimes people do make mistakes.

You won’t see me jealous, or fuming madly
I won’t nag you and be demanding
Coz I know deep down inside you just miss me
And you were really saving your heart for me!

Love, as the sayin’ goes, can forget and forgive
So, I wouldn’t fret nor would plan to leave
I’ll stay with you til the end of forever
Coz I know we are fated to be together.

And though we still miles apart
I just know this is only the start
Our true love had only just began
And it’ll be guided by God above!

So when someday you turn around
And seems there’s no one else there to be found
Heart, just turn to me and look into my eyes
And you will find and feel the love inside.


Note: This is when I fall and hit my head really hard, and left me temporarily stupid (note the sarcasm?).

Mind Your Own Business (not finished..)

October 29, 1995 § Leave a comment

Don’t look at me with burning eyes..
Don’t give me that accusing smile…
I’m just a human, can’t you see?
So, why don’t you just let me be..?

People do make mistakes..
If you think you don’t,
then you’re a fake.
Why don’t you just go away?
I don’t need you anyway.

Stop telling at me,
and leave me alone!
Mind your own business;
I’ll mind my own.

No, please don’t start talking
behind my back.
If I lose my head,
I might attack!

Many years had passed by;
Still l care for him so much.
But he just left me without a glance,
After I gave him all I had.


Note: This is supposed to be a song, but I never got to finishing it.. So, it was left as a poetry instead. Based on my experience, when people started to talk about what happened to me and my first love. I wrote this out of anger and despair.

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